Improving Cattle & Equine Reproduction

Our products are uniquely designed to improve the recovery and culture of embryos and gametes.

Bovine and Equine Embryo Transfer Market for Over Twenty Years

We offer three different filters. The flow rate for all three exceeds the competitors, thus reducing collection times where high volumes of media are required. Our dishes have contoured wells, so samples are easy to work under magnification.

Finally, only barbed fittings are used in equine and bovine sets. No solvents or mold release agents are used to produce our products.

Rest assured, our products are always American-made in Texas.

Committed to reducing our carbon footprint and sustainability.

We reduce our carbon footprint and lower our energy costs while cooling our machinery by utilizing geothermal cooling loops in our production process.

We care about our environment: all of the power we consume is from renewable sources.

We're also committed to promoting sustainability by harnessing the power of the sun with our 40 kilowatts of installed solar generation, with plans to increase to 80 kilowatts by the fall of 2023.